For a long time I wanted to forget how to speak Chinese. It made me different when what I wanted was to fit in. It wasn’t until I began visiting Taiwan when I was a little older that I became aware of how important my first language was. I struggled to communicate with my family beyond the superficial small talk. I wanted to ask my grandmother about her life, but stumbled to find the words. Without Chinese, a connection to my heritage would be broken. Now, my grandmother has passed, but I have made a commitment to study Chinese to keep the connection alive.


My Mother’s Mother

BY dchein
theme family
language Mandarin
country Taiwan


POSTED BY twenk48

This story speaks to me, even though I’ve never experienced anything similar. Just the thought of being unable to communicate with a loved one becaue of a langue barrier tears me apart. Speaking English is definitely a privilege I never thought about. Everyone across the globe is forced to study English, so the fear of losing a language has never been apparent.

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